is free to download and use for Pray Radio, daily prayer, podcasts, and prayer requests. You will not incur any charges from simply downloading it or creating a Pray account, unless you sign up for the yearly subscription to the Premium Audio Bible Experience which includes access to Bible Bedtime Stories, Biblical Sagas, Meditations, Kids' Stories, Prayer Plans, Music, Inspirational Stories and Book Summaries. 

If you believe you have activated a free 3-day trial or have already been charged and would like to check your subscription status, please visit our Subscription Help section.

If you wish to subscribe to Pray Premium you can subscribe to Pray on an annual basis by visiting

Accessing for free

Tap on the "Skip" or "X" button on the top left or right on the paywall on your iOS or Android device to bypass the paywall to access the free portion of the Pray app. 

Free Features

  • A new daily verse that you will receive every morning. 

  • Join communities

  • Post prayer requests 

  • Pray with others

  • Donate to your community

  • Podcasts

Subscription Plans only offers annual subscriptions, we currently do not provide a monthly subscription option. 

We do not have multiple subscription plans to unlock different pieces of content, our annual subscription gives you access to all of our premium content. 

You can purchase Pray Premium from Apple, Google, or go directly to

Pray Premium Library 

  • Sleep better with our 136 Bedtime Bible stories

  • An original daily & nightly prayer to strengthen your faith every day

  • Experience the Gospel through 500+ Bible stories told in vivid detail

  • 5 minute insights from bestselling Christian authors

Mobile Carrier or Data Charges

The Pray app does require network connectivity from your mobile phone, you'll be responsible for any fees associated with internet usage as determined by your mobile carrier.

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