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How do I cancel (including a trial)?

We are unable to cancel or refund your Pray subscription from Apple.

This article will help you cancel your trial or subscription, if you would like to request a refund from Apple, please click here.

Your subscription automatically renews each year until you cancel.

Important  If you don’t cancel more than 24 hours before your renewal date, your subscription might renew. Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription. Instead, you need to cancel using the steps below.

To cancel your subscription, follow Apple's cancellation steps or see the steps below.


1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device or click on this button to go Apple's Manage Subscriptions.  Note* Press and hold on the button to open link if you'e viewing this page from your iOS device. 

2. Tap your name.

3. Tap Subscriptions. If you don't see Subscriptions, do the following instead: Tap iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID (your email address), then tap View Apple ID. Sign in, scroll down and tap Subscriptions.

4. Find and tap your subscription.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

6. Choose "Cancel Subscription" (iOS 10 or later) or turn off Automatic Renewal.

If you run into a situation where you have already canceled your account and shows up as expired in your Apple Subscriptions, view attached screenshot for example, you will need to reach out to Apple to request a refund. We are unable to issue refunds on behalf of Apple. 


To find out how to cancel, go to Apple's cancellation steps and then choose Mac or Other device.

You should receive an email from Apple confirming your cancellation. You can continue streaming until your subscription expires at the end of your billing cycle.

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