Once you start a free trial through iTunes and the Apple App Store if you would like to cancel. You will need to before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged for the annual subscription.

Remember - Pray.com is not able to cancel a free trial on your behalf and is not able to provide confirmation of your cancellation. Sending a support request will not cancel your free trial or subscription. 

You can cancel a free trial or subscription through your iTunes account settings on your App Store App, or on desktop iTunes on a computer. Please see these instructions for cancelling through your mobile device Settings:

1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to Settings

2. Scroll down and press "iTunes & App Store"

3. On the screen that loads, press your Apple ID icon at the top.

4. On the screen that pops up , press "Apple ID", and sign in.

5. The Account Settings page will popup, where you can scroll to the subscription menu item. press subscriptions and pray.com free trial from your list of subscriptions only if you would like to cancel. 

Remember - If you do not see Pray.com in the list, you are using the free version of pray.com and have not started a subscription trial.

6. If you would no longer like access to the pray.com audio Bible experience subscription, you will have to press the cancel subscription button.

7. If you do not see the cancel subscription button, this means it has been cancelled. If you cancel the free trial, you will no longer see the button. You will see an expiration date in the subscription description in the subscription section on that page, with options to renew. 

You can also manage your subscription settings through the pray.com manage subscription page. Press the profile button on the bottom right and then press the settings gear button in the top right corner of your home screen and press settings. In Settings, press manage subscription to be sent to your mobile device subscription settings.

If you need more help, please see this support article from Apple for details on how to manage a subscription: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098

If you have been charged for a subscription and no longer wish to use pray.com, you can request a refund from Apple. Please remember, you will need to deal with Apple directly. 

Remember - Pray.com is not able to manage in-app purchases or offer refunds on their behalf. You can contact iTunes support at https://getsupport.apple.com

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