Now that you have created your community, let's set it up and customize it! 

Once you're on your page, you will see options to edit Faith Leaders, Service Times, and Address. (Note: only community leaders have this ability.)

Click below for how to edit community banner image and name:
How to Edit Your Community Page

How to Set Up Your Community:

1. To input your community information, head to your community profile page. You can access this from the home page by clicking on the name of your community at the top of the page.

2. As the leader of the community, you will be prompted to input information about your new community. You can also edit it at any time. Select "Get Started" to continue.

Add Address:

3. Next, you can add an address to your community to let joining members be certain that they are joining the correct community, and to allow nearby users to find your community easily. Tap "Use current location" or search for the address in the search bar.

4. You will now be able to review and edit the address. Select "Continue" when you are happy with the address shown.

Add Service Times:

5. You can also add service times to your community profile. Click "Add a service time" to begin.

6. Type a name for your service into the text box below "Service Name" and adjust the day and time by scrolling through them. Select "Done" in the top right corner when complete.

7. You can add multiple service times. Select "Add a service time" to add another, or select "Continue" to finish setting up your community page.

8. You changes will be visible immediately on your community page.

Add Description:

9. On your community page, you can add a description of the community. Click "Add a description" which is located under the name of the community page.

10. Tap in the blank space to begin typing with your keyboard.

11. Finally, you've finished writing a description of your community, hit "Done" in the upper right hand corner, and your changes will update!

12. You changes will be visible immediately on your community page.

Click below for information on how to edit your community page:
How to Edit Your Community Page

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