We created pray.com to give everyone a space to bring people together in prayer and positivity every day - a space where everyone can leave a legacy of helping others.

That means pray.com works best when your online community grows!

If you have not yet created your community, please click here

Faith and non-profit leaders who receive the most value out of Pray.com do four things:

1. Complete Your Organization’s Profile Page (5 minutes)

Take a few minutes to complete your organization’s profile, which includes a banner picture, service times, and address.

2. Post a Prayer or Welcome Message (1 minute)
Take a minute to post a written, video, or audio prayer to welcome your community members to your online Pray.com community. This will set the tone for your community and give an example for others to follow!

3. Invite Others (5 minutes)
Now you’re ready to share with your staff and congregation. You can quickly invite your colleagues and community leaders to join by connecting your address book in the pray.com app and sending a direct invitation now - just click "Invite" in the top right corner of the home page when you open the pray.com app.

4. Announce (10 minutes)
To invite large groups all at once, share your link (pray.com/yourcommunity) on the channels you already use. You can share this link on Facebook or other social media sites, share it in a bulletin or email, or project it on a slide any time you bring a people together.

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