Our aim at Pray.com is to ensure that leaders and their communities have positive, safe, and supportive experience. In order to help communities maintain this environment, we have included monitoring tools into the app.

Removing Content

As a leader, you have the ability to immediately delete any post you may deem inappropriate for the community. This can be done by clicking on the three grey dots in the upper righthand corner of the post, and selecting, "Delete."

Click below for detailed instructions:
How to Delete Posts & Report Members

Community members can also flag inappropriate posts, and after 3 members flag the post, it will be removed from the community wall.

Pray.com takes your safety and privacy seriously. If there is ever any content, action or community member that you feel violates the Pray.com community, please reach out to Pray.com support team immediately for assistance: Email us at purpose@pray.com, or chat with us at help.pray.com. 

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