To create a prayer you'll need to be joined to a community. Once you've joined a community you can post a prayer at any time. 

There are a few different types of prayers. Those that go to your entire community as yourself, those that go to your entire community anonymously, and those that are private between you and the people you choose.

To create a text prayer:

1. Open the Pray app and tap the pray icon at the bottom left
2. Tap "What are you praying for?"
3. Tap "What are you praying for?" again and begin typing your prayer
4. Tap "Next" when done
5. You will then be routed a page where you can choose where to post your prayer and who to share it with. Under "Communities", please tap on the community or communities where you want to post your prayer. Under "Contacts", you have the option to share your prayer with people in your contacts by tapping their names. If you want to share it will all your contacts, then just tap "Select All".
6. Tap "Send" when done. 

You have successfully posted your prayer!

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